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7 Ways to Help Israel Today

By Haskell Nussbaum

 For those of us who live outside the battle zone but want to contribute to Israel’s survival and success, there have long been obvious ways of helping the Jewish State: sending funds, writing letters to the editor and to politicians, praying – to name but a few. I’ve collected hundreds more in my book 101+ Ways to Help Israel, A Guide to Doing Small Things that Can Make Big Differences; here are a few ideas you might want to consider:  

  • Decide to become a spokesperson for Israel’s rights within your circle of influence.

Okay, so you’re not a Cabinet member. Or even a special envoy to the Middle East. But you have more power than you think. Make sure you have the latest news and tell people around you. Be vocal at work (in a non-irritating way, of course). Provide context. Once you make the active decision to put yourself on the line for your beliefs, every person you interact with is a person you can influence and the message can then spread exponentially. You never know who your friend’s friend knows. 

  • Loan out books and movies.

Good books and movies about Israel are probably sitting on your shelves at home right now being forlornly ignored. Liberate them from their dusty prisons and loan them to colleagues and acquaintances, bosses and employees, students and teachers – anyone you think might conceivably give them back to you when they’re done. 

  • Give your doctor an article about the latest medical breakthrough in Israel (Or: Distribute articles that highlight Israel as an innovative democracy).

Never mind the political articles that we all read to spike our blood pressure. Send your friends and colleagues positive articles that highlight the real differences between Israel and her enemies: the ones showcasing technological achievements, freedom of the press, a working legal system and multi-racial and ethnic Israelis living in the same area code. It’s all about who you identify with more.  

  • Draft travelling Israelis to the cause.

Call the nearest Israeli consulate or Israeli Chamber of Commerce today and ask to meet with visiting Israelis who are in your industry. Invite them to speak to your boss or to your employees (appeal to their self-interest, such as nurturing potential business opportunities). Bring them to your office parties and events. Let all the people who have never spoken to a real Israeli learn firsthand what it’s really like to live, work and serve in the army of the Jewish State. 

  • Listen at least as much as you talk.

This is a hard one. If you’re the pro-active type who wants to help you’re probably an extrovert who wants to share. But rein it in! Ironically, the more you listen to your audience the more highly he or she will value your opinion when you do speak up. If someone wants to be sympathetic to the pain of Palestinian civilian casualties, for instance, it’s far more effective – and humane – to listen first and bring context later. 

  • Create an Israel Day at your local schools, synagogues or churches.

Get the kids involved! Hold a contest for the best essay, photo, website or painting relating to Israel. Send blue and white cookies as snacks in their lunch boxes. Put Israeli flags on the walls. Discuss and debate the news as it happens. This can be as organized as a dress parade or as impromptu as a pick-up game of hockey. As long as it’s both educational and fun. 

  • Send a letter or package to an Israeli soldier. Or even a pizza.

This one is so good you might want to do it twice, since a little love (and a little pizza) can go a long way. Two websites worth checking out are www.apackagefromhome.org, and www.pizzaidf.org.